New Features Offered By Poker Giant Bodog

If players are asked to rate the best online poker sites in the world, Bodog will be consistently found at the top of the list. This massive European gaming portal has provided online gaming aficionados with one of the largest selections of gambling choices available on the Internet today. Besides some of the most interactive online poker rooms, Bodog also gives gamers the chance to take part in countless invaluable promotions while experiencing what many have claimed to be the most engaging game play in the industry. One of the hallmarks of this site is that fact that bonus features and rewards are regularly updated. So, it only makes sense for us to have a look at some of the newest amenities that players can expect to enjoy.

Different Formats of Tournaments

For those who enjoy a fast-paced hand of online poker real money games are the best ways to win big. Fortunately, Bodog poker rooms provide visitors with a number of interactive poker tournaments to choose from. Whether one prefers Omaha tournaments, shootout competitions or a “white knuckle” heads-up engagement, Bodog Poker will certainly not disappoint. Should players keep themselves abreast of the latest poker strategies and tips , a winning jackpot may be only moments away.


Another unique benefit provided is the ability to enjoy the anonymous online poker feature from Bodog. Anonymous poker provides what is seen as a level playing field; each game is different, each hand is fresh and the combination of players is completely random and unknown. Thus, the statistical chances of emerging victorious can be vastly improved.

Rabbit Cam

As with any sport, those who are considered to be the top players of all time have had the ability to learn from their mistakes. The same can be said in regards to online poker. Bodog’s Rabbit Cam will allow players to see the next card that they would have been dealt. This can be used when the hand is completed after the flop. Whether one wins or loses, the Rabbit Cam is an excellent way to help a player hone his or her skills in real-time. This is said to be one of the most powerful tools that Bodog currently offers.

More Chances to Win Big

What good is an expert Texas Hold ‘Em strategy should only a small number of games be played each day? Experience arises through repetition. Bodog appreciates this fact and therefore allows players to take part in up to twenty different and fast-paced rounds of action. In fact, up to twenty multi-table tournaments can be played simultaneously. This is in addition to the four “Cash and Sit and Go” competitions that can also be enjoyed. Indeed, there are now more chances than ever to win big through Bodog.

In-Client Blackjack

This proprietary feature of Bodog give players the ability to take part at a single player table and engage in a fast-paced hand of blackjack using only their poker balance. This negates the need to purchase new chips. This is another streamlined feature that has continued to define Bodog as one of the leading online casinos in existence today.

Other Advantages

It should be remembered that these are but a handful of the most popular features that Bodog has recently offered registered players. Notwithstanding the aforementioned amenities, gamers can still expect to reap all of the benefits that this 21st century game play will offer. Whether one wishes to play an exciting round of 3D slots or instead desires to partake in one of the many opportunities to win a seat at some of the most prestigious live poker tournaments in the world, Bodog will cater to each and every need.

Due to the many benefits that Bodog provides to its players, even the most popular social media circles devoted to gaming have taken notice. Independent sites have constantly given Bodog a review that is extremely positive and players can remain assured that they are interacting with only the safest and most trusted software that is currently available in the industry. As Bodog’s fame increases, so will the number of players that will take part in all of the exciting features that this gaming giant has to offer.

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