Gaming procedure of three card poker

Poker game is a type in the casino games. Most men would like to play thepoker games. Let us see the gaming procedure for playing the three card poker game, a popular table game. To begin with the game, there are two types of bets such as pair plus and ante. Player can bet only one of those. Ante bet is used to play the game against dealer whereas pair plus type of bet is free of what the dealer has. Pair plus depends only on the wager whether the player has 3 cards with a pair of cards. If the player of this game has cards less than the pair but wins with the pair, then pair plus wager get defeated in the game. Once the player makes his bet, he will receive three cards. If he chose the ante bet, he should decide whether he will place the bet again if the cards in his hands are betters than the dealer.

If he folds the card then he loses the bet. If he likes to play his hand, he can place the bet that is equal to the amount of his ante bet on the table. The dealer will turn up all his cards after all wages are placed. The dealer should have minimum a queen high, otherwise he will fail and the players are given one to one on their bet type ante bet. Then they can take back their bet “play”. If the dealer qualifies the game, he will compare the cards he has with cards of other places for determining the winner. The range of ranks from worst to best in this poker game are high card, pair, flush, straight, three of same and straight flush. A basic strategy is playing any hand using a queen or better and folding the rest.

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