How Bingo is Building Back the Community

Online bingoImagine back to bingo halls in the 1950s and 60s. With disposable income actually becoming a thing and the post-war need for light entertainment, they became one of the most popular evening events alongside dancing and cinemas. It was the first time it properly hit pop culture for a long time, and was doing really well.

Skip forwards thirty to forty years and you see the high of bingo popularity in the UK. Places like Gala and Mecca bingo halls popped up across the entire nation, and it was soon considered the absolute norm for people to do on a Friday and Saturday night.

This took a massive dent when online gaming became the in thing after 2001. It seemed as if the bingo hall had finally died forever and wasn’t coming back. The worst thing about his wasn’t the emptiness of the halls so much, but the death of a thriving and friendly community.

Online bingo rising

As we get closer to 2010, the online bingo market got bigger and bigger to the point where it was worth more than most online gambling games. At present, the value of the worldwide bingo market is well into the billions. These were fairly standard bingo rooms with a chat box in them for players to interact, but it still felt as if the bingo community had gone and wasn’t coming back.

Bingo sites with a twist

Because of this lack in a community it fell on bingo companies to make bingo sites with a twist that would help players to engage with each other and create the fun atmosphere that the games used to. The previous options of a simple chat bar simply weren’t good enough in terms of player interaction and there was a huge outcry for someone to do something about it.

That’s when there was an uprising in bingo offers from and similar sites that offered the chance for players to upload their webcam to online bingo chat rooms. The bingo callers were also hooked up to a webcam, so even though people were at home in their front rooms, it felt like everyone was together and they were able to communicate with each other much more freely.

Where can the bingo community advance?

When it comes to the future of bingo and the community that engages with it, there are a lot of potentially exciting opportunities on the horizon. With people working on virtual reality headsets, holographic tech and faster internet capabilities, we could see the ability to sit in a room with other bingo players from all over the world without actually leaving your own home.

Paul Tim

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