The Financial Pros You’ll Need after Winning the Lottery

Winning LotteryNow that you have the sum of money that you have always wanted, you’ll find relatives that you never knew you had and friends that come out of the woodwork for a monetary gift from your winnings. You may not have the expertise that you need to effectively manage your money but there are well-trained professionals who stand ready to help you plan your future and control your assets efficiently. You’ll want to be sure to check the credentials of the experts who are recommended to you by family and friends and perhaps interview a few candidates before you make a final decision about which professional will work best with your individual needs. Both your money and your peace of mind is at risk so it’s worth the time and effort to find someone that you can trust and confidently allow to advise you about your financial decisions about your new-found wealth. Let’s take a look at some of the experts you will need to help you oversee the growth and expenditure of your lottery winnings.

A Financial Planner
One of the experts with whom you should partner is a financial planner who can help you to set budgets, goals, and develop a long-term plan for your finances. You’ll want to allocate your new funds to all of the proper areas of your needs, include some donations to charities for tax purposes, and to manage your assets effectively. Be sure to ask if he charges by the hour or as a percentage of the monies that he is managing so that you can be prepared to meet his billing requirements without questions. You may want to interview about three candidates before you come to a final decision about which expert can work more smoothly with you.

An Attorney to Assist with Estate Planning
Since you now have lottery winnings to add to the value of your estate, you should hire an estate attorney who is well-experienced with all of the documentation required for making a will, arranging a power of attorney for both financial and medical purposes, and the end-of-life-care that you deem appropriate for you. Ask up front what his fees are and how and when he expects payment for his services. You’ll want an attorney who can set up living trusts so that you can avoid probate at the end of your life; this will protect your assets for relatives who can be burdened with taxes if you have not planned efficiently.

An Accountant
When you want the big picture of your finances, effective tax planning, and a system for reviewing and managing your finances, you should have an accountant available to work for you. He can help you to set up retirement accounts, savings plans for your heirs, and estate planning under the leadership of an attorney. From day to day expenditures to establishing a budget for your lottery winnings from a website like your accountant will be the key to your financial future and success. Choose him wisely and make sure that he has the proper credentials in place to do an exceptional job for you.

An Investment Advisor
Even though your financial planner will be knowledgeable about some investment vehicles, an investment advisor is more experienced in assets that are unique and provide profit margins that are attractive. His expertise can help you to invest in hedge funds, venture capital, and private equity that can sustain the wealth of your lottery winnings well into the future. Check his qualifications, his background, the strategies that he wants to use with your money, and the cost of his services before you sign a contract for his assistance.

With a team of professionals by your side, you can develop your lottery winnings into the nest egg that you always wanted to have and the lifestyle that you deserve.

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